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In The Spirit of Love

In The Spirit of Love

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At the age of 24 when life should have just been beginning, a young lady finds herself in a whirlwind health diagnosis determined to take her life. Wondering how in the blink of an eye life can suddenly take a turn for the worse, she faced things that most cannot imagine enduring...

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26 Things Life Taught Me

26 Things Life Taught Me
SKU: B2G0002-26T1-SC

26 Things Life Taught Me is a daily journal walking you through the steps to bring a completely Blessed Life. There are 26 key things at the core of each and every person that needs to be reignited. Once reignited, that fire will burn away anything that has been keeping you from a fully Blessed Life here on earth. This journal will walk you through an amazing journey that will forever change your life. Follow these steps to transform your heart and obtain the Life you have always longed to have but never thought was possible. Walk with Ammie on this amazing journey of a fully Blessed Life through the pages of her daily journal.

Book Size: 7 x 10